Three years ago today…

Three years ago today at approximately 10:25 a.m. the beginning of the end began.  You see this was when we found out just how sick my hubby was.  He had been feeling unwell since the end of October and not matter how I yelled, begged or cried for him to go to the doctor he kept telling me that he was just tired and it would get better.  Finally, he made an appointment after I got into his face (something I never did) just to shut me up.  When we got there Kevin went in and after about 30 minutes the doctor came out and asked me to follow him back to Kev.  The doc said that he was very sick and more tests needed to be done immediately so he was going to put Kevin in the hospital ASAP.  I told the doctor thanks and that I wanted Kevin to go to a different hospital where I had been.  The doc called ahead and when we got there, the other tests were done and the diagnosis was Stage 4 Rectal Cancer.

Its funny after getting news like this.  For me those first few minutes were as if I was underwater.  Time seemed to slow down as my mind tried desperately to make sense out of what we had just heard.  Kevin had always and I mean always taken care of himself.  He ate right, exercised, never smoked, he seemed to have done everything right.  But the cancer didn’t give two craps about that.